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Big Blue Gift Box
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Big Blue Gift Box

  • Old Juniper Cheese (12oz.) : Aged for more than a year for a sharp mature cheese. Its unique warm rich flavor will be a success on any occasion.
  • Big Blue Cheese Spread (5 oz.) : a creamy spreadable cheese made with cream and Blue cheese.
  • Crimson Trail Cheese (12 oz.) : a pasteurized process Cheddar cheese flavored with jalepeños. This is a great snacking cheese with an extra kick. Enjoy it with crackers or try melting over tortilla chips for some mouth-watering nachos.
  • Old Ephraim Smokey Swiss (12 oz.) : a pasteurized process cheese that combines the mild nutty flavor of Swiss cheese with added smoked flavor. Another great snacking cheese.
  • Cherry Wrinkles (4 oz.) : dried tart cherry raisins that have been dusted with sugar. They brighten up your cheese platter in both color and flavor.
  • (4) O’Aggie Chocolate Bars (2 oz.) : chocolate, caramel and brazil nut candy bars, an old USU favorite from the Bluebird Candy Company.
  • Aggiano Cheese (6oz.) : USU Aggiano is aged for 12 months or more to give it an old style parmesan flavor. Great for snacking or shredding on your favorite pasta dish or salad.
  • Aggie Summer Sausage (10 oz.) : Our tangy beef and pork sausage is naturally fermented and smoked using the best old world traditions. It's a great compliment to our many fine cheeses, and a long-time favorite selection for our gift boxes. Summer Sausage will be available to ship beginning 11/15/14

  • Save 10% with your purchase of 5 or more gift boxes. If your total number of cheese boxes equals 5 or more enter discount code CHEESE2014 in the promotional code box at checkout. Your total will reflect the discounted price.

Price: $69.95